Armenia - Caucasian Pearl

Mixed Tracks - Guided

8 days / 7 nights / 5 stages / 1 000 km

Armenia - Mixed tracks
Motorcycle - 4x4

Last updated: 16/12/2021

price from 2615 €
passenger price 1845 €

If you need a change of scenery, of culture, of daily routine, this trip to Armenia is the answer!
Located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, Armenia offers the traveler a true cultural adventure and the warmth of its people. Its ancient cultural heritage and tradition are omnipresent, be it in the spectacular beauty of Armenia’s landscape of in its exceptional religious sites.
The itinerary unfolds along a series of uneven paved routes and dirt tracks around one of the largest mountain lakes in the world, Lake Sevan, aptly nicknamed the “Blue Pearl”.
In the background, Mount Ararat, a colossal snow-capped dormant volcano that peaks at 5 137 m.
This is a fascinating trip that successfully combines motorcycling and cultural tourism.

Your day by day program
Day 1 – Arrival in Erevan

Arrival in Erevan.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 2 / Stage 1 - Erevan – Jermouk: 240 km

Soon after leaving Erevan, we will stop to admire impressive Mount Ararat.
A few kilometers further, in Garni, we will be able to enjoy a slice of Lavash (Armenian bread), a coffee and some homemade cake.
The first track plunges in the gorges and takes us to the foot of the Basalt Columns.
In the afternoon, a ride through the mountains.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 3 / Stage 2 - Jermouk – Tsapatag : 210 km

A quick detour, to visit Gndevank Monastery, a building that dates back to the 10th century. It was built on a rugged slope and overlooks River Arpa. The northern sacristy houses a renowned fresco of the Virgin. It is considered one of the very best works of art of Armenian painting from the Middle Ages.
Later, we continue our trip and head for Shatin to observe the well-known Armenian Bezoar goat, the ancestor of our domestic goat!
After visiting the 14th century caravanserai in Selim, we will travel a portion of the Silk Route to reach the steppe. Cattle graze freely, no fences around to limit their roaming.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 4 / Stage 3 - Tsapatagh – Yenokavan: 170 km

Today's itinerary travels along the shores of Lake Sevan all the way to the village of Kalavan.
A panoramic road speckled with sheepfolds here and there, takes us towards the north and to a village called Itsakar.
One cannot help but delight in the beauty and variety of the flowers that surround the travelers and the abundance of colorful butterflies.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 5 / Stage 4 - Yenokavan - Byurakan: 210 km

Today we will be driving to Haghartsin, Fioletovo, Meghradzor and Hrazdan and visiting the 13th century monastery of Haghartsin.
As soon as we have driven through Fioletovo, a track takes us to the village of Meghradzor through the mountains and the Meghradzor pass at 2 978 m. We then head for the town of Tsakhkadzor, just after the Ketcharis church.
The road weaves its way across the valley then continues in between two volcanos. Along the way, at the foot of a hill, huge letters in the Armenian alphabet. A last stop before reaching Byurakan.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 6 / Stage 5 - Byurakan - Erevan: 180 km

A magical return trip to Mount Aragats, an isolated four-peaked volcano massif, and Lake Kari, located at 3 000 m high on the slopes of Mount Aragats (4 090 m). On the drive back we will visit Amberd, a 10th-century fortress located 2,300 meters above sea level. Its name translated as “Fortress in the clouds”.
We will have lunch at the foot of Saghmosavank Monastery as we enjoy the exceptional views onto the Kasakh gorges.
Trip back to Erevan.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 7 – Erevan

A visit to Erevan: its Republic Square and musical fountains, the Genocide Museum, the Ararat Brandy factory (optional with an admission fee and must be booked beforehand),Erevan's fruit markets, and the Vernissage (artisanal market).
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 8 – Departure from Erevan

Trip back to your home country.


Departures for groups formed on request

Technical information
Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Erevan
  • Erevan
Level of difficulty
  • This trip is up everyone’s alley either alone or with family and friends. The itinerary selected by us is not particularly difficult allowing the traveler to simply relax and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere.
Guide and luggage
  • You will be accompanied by a Trail Rando team member, riding his own bike. A chase vehicle will also follow the group with the luggage, a basic first aid kit, tools, some spare parts and is always able to lend a hand if required. In case of motorbike breakdown or pilot fatigue, the bike or driver can be picked up by the chase vehicle, too. 
    There's a definite feeling of freedom about this trip. And to preserve the spirit of exploration and discovery that we wanted to create, we've put you in control. For this reason, and so that everyone truly plays a part in their own journey, we provide the traveler with an uploadable detailed GPS itinerary for the entire trip.
    This technology allows you to be totally independent.
    With the wonderful tool that is GPS, everyone has the freedom to go on ahead, to be carried along by their artistic inspirations, or to stay with their friends, knowing that as a general rule the Trail Rando motorcycle guide will be looking out for the team at the rear.
    What a pleasure it is to follow your own course!
    “Free people in a structured group” is the motto that accurately reflects the reality of a Trail Rando trip.
    The route is safely stored stage by stage on the GPS...
    At the start of the trip, Trail Rando provides everyone with the detailed uploadable GPS itinerary. The entire route and its main points such as sites of interest, petrol stations, lunch meeting points and accommodation are programmed into the GPS.
    If you do not own a GPS device, Trail Rando can rent you one.
  • GPS rental (including handlebar support and complete uploaded itinerary) : 60€
  • Single room supplement : 245€
Rental vehicles
  • : 0.00€
  • Lodging
         o hotels, in twin rooms,
         o from the evening of day 1 to the morning of the last day,
    Food :
         o Breakfast, lunch, dinner
         o from the evening of day 1 to the morning of the last day,
    The complete uploadable version of the GPS itinerary.
    Tour leaders:
         o A tour leader on his motorcycle,
         o Support vehicle for luggage transport
    Motorbike rental
Not included
  • Trasportation
         o Passenger transportation to and from tour start:
              - Air fares to and from tour start ,
              - transfers from the airport to the hotel and back,
    Petrol for the motorcycles,
  • Vehicles provided
    Motorcycles: 660 cm3 trail bikes.
    4x4: Lada Niva, designed to tackle the Russian steppe, this little vehicle is perfectly suited for our Armenian trip
    To know precisely the available makes and models, please refer to our online booking form.
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