Crete - Xérocambos

Mixed Tracks - Self-Guided

8 days / 7 nights / 6 stages / 700 km

Greece - Mixed Tracks

Last updated: 10/12/2021

price from 1375 €
passenger price 1105 €

It’s time to bask in the beauty of this renowned Greek island! Life becomes easygoing. Our bathing suits are always close at hand as we slowly sip our lemonade in the shade of a fig tree. In between 2000 m high peaks and secret coves, sun, earth, water and wind come together naturally as they have done since the beginning of time.

Just after a clump of olive trees, the warm transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea await the traveler. All stress is left behind and forgotten. It’s time to simply enjoy life, making the most of the present moment!
Let yourself fall under the spell of this magic enchanting island, of its rich historic past, of its sun-bathed shores, and transparent waters. The gods of creation have been generous with these lands and therefore, our itinerary is simply bucolic. The rhythm for riding is easy going though at times a windy playful track gets the pilot’s adrenaline pumping! A series of pin curves zigzags up towards the mountains through cypress forests and fig tree fields. Shortly, it reaches the bare mountain tops from where the view onto the turquoise waters beneath is simply stunning! At each curve a new vantage point to observe the surrounding views. Below, the Lybian sea sparkles. Each bend in the road seem to cling onto the mountain slopes as we begin to descend towards a cute little village and its narrow streets! The splashes from a nearby waterfall hit against the walls of the ancient tavern.
Further down, olive trees cling onto the hills. Wild hollyhock invades the hamlet. A potpourri of flowers, aromatic herbs and weeds covers the embankment and ripples in the wind. Vineyards and pine forests clad the slopes and olive trees occupy any free spaces. An array of fragrances teases our sense of smell! Nature at its very best! All of a sudden, the track takes the traveler down a secret cove. Lunch is served on the water… But then, it’s time to hit the road again as we roam through orange groves, drive down a river bed and through a narrow and steep canyon. The ground is slightly rocky and slippery! But it rapidly becomes smooth again as the climb begins. A condor glides above an isolated abbey. The itinerary then continues towards yet another remote cove. The sun dances on the waves and as it sets, it is time to delight in the charms of a remote village. A last dip into the Libyan Sea before falling in the arms of Morpheus.


Your day by day program
Day 1 - Arrival in Heraklion

Arrival in Heraklion.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 2 / Stage 1 – Heraklion – Sivas: 90 km

The journey starts with a gentle climb through the olive trees! At lunch, a well-deserved rest in the village of Zaros to quench your thirst and have a bite to eat. This village is renowned for its clear spring water. Herbs and flowers cover the ground generously!
The afternoon ride is relatively short but the town of Sivas is well worth a visit. The streets are lined with colorful potted plants, the stone walls neatly stacked. This is the Crete we love: so soothing and peaceful!
Just five minutes away, deep gorges open up onto a minute picturesque beach.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 3 / Stage 2 – Sivas – Tsoutsouros: 100 km

The track follows a very ragged shore line before zigzagging across a cliff and down a narrow pass. It then tackles a new mountain and plunges again towards the waves. Nestled in a cove, the town of Tsoutsouros sits on the shores of the Libyan Sea.
A family-run B&B receives the traveler with a warm friendly welcome.
Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 4 / Stage 3 – Tsoutsouros – Ierapetra: 125 km

Greenhouses stretch over hundreds of hectares along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Soon, however, the road starts to climb, traveling through citrus trees and olive trees. As the road seems to float around the mountain tops, one can observe both the sea of Crete and the Libyan Sea simultaneously. The views are simply grandiose!
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 5 / Stage 4 – Ierapetra – Kato Zakros: 105 km

From the very beginning, the track seems to cling onto the cliff in order to climb onto the plateau. The lunar, mineral landscape here means the track will continue is progress through a very rocky ground. Interspersed along the way, a few pines trees, a small vineyard, a tiny chapel and an ancient monastery.
Facing the wind, modern windmills look down on their rundown ancient ancestors, who remain proud and full of charm regardless of the rust!
A series of pin curves takes you down towards Xerocambos. A hamlet of almost forgotten small bungalows overlooks the transparent waters. This might be the perfect spot to stop for lunch. Soon, Kato Zakros emerges nestled in the very heart of a remote cove. The site is unique! Restaurants and lodgings touch the sand!
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 6 / Stage 5 – Kato Zakros – Agios Nikolaos: 135 km

The itinerary takes flight again! A forest of wind turbines covers the plateau over seven or eight kilometers. The journey continues through this surreal forest and the typical humming sound of the huge blades. Zigzagging through an olive grove, the track then plunges down as we catch a glimpse of Mirambelos Bay and Agios Nikolaos. The boats glisten in the sun. The town is lively.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 7 / Stage 6 – Agios Nikolaos – Heraklion: 135 km

Yet another day to enjoy the spectacular landscapes! After driving through a series of mountain passes, the itinerary slowly begins its descent back towards Heraklion. Even the best stories have to end!
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 8 - Departure from Heraklion

Trip back to your home country.


From mid-April to the end of October.

Technical information
Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Héraklion
  • Héraklion
  • You will be lodged in hotels and bungalows, sometimes tucked away in tiny secret coves. Local cuisine is exquisite! Whatever you chose on the menu, you will be pleasantly surprised! All along the itinerary, be it on the slopes of a mountain or down by the turquoise waters, a series of taverns allow the traveler to quench his thirst or have a bite to eat.
    A couple of examples:

Number of people
  • Even if we recommend always riding in pairs, on self-guided tours, this trip can be undertaken on one’s own.
Level of difficulty
  • The itinerary is made up mostly of easy-going biker-friendly tracks allowing bikers of all levels to take part. The diversity of roads and tracks will satisfy the more experienced pilots but will also be enjoyable to all those who are eager to discover new and sometimes remote spots! There are not tricky sections in this itinerary so no particular technical skills are required.
    TWO UP? It is a possibility depending on the availability of a suitable motorcycle.

Guide and luggage
  • You wish to be independent and have chosen an unguided tour. There will be no tour leader or chase vehicle and you will chose your own departure dates.
    However, all lodging and restaurants will be booked and confirmed by us.
    Your GPS-device is set to follow the track.
    Trail Rando provides each rider with one device, in which they will find all useful information, the complete track, hotels, restaurants, gas stations etc...
  • Single room supplement
    (If the group is an uneven number, a single room supplement will be invoiced to one of you or split between the group.) : 210€
Rental vehicles
  • moto 125 cm3 : 0.00€
  • quad 300 cm3 : 50.00€
  • quad 450 cm3 : 250.00€
  • 4x4 Suzuki Jimny : 60.00€
  • 4x4 Hyundaï : 220.00€
  • • Lodging
         o hotels, in twin rooms,
    (If the group is an uneven number, a single room supplement will be invoiced to one of you or split between the group.)
         o from the evening of the first day, to the morning of the last day
    • Food:
         o Breakfast
         o from the morning of the second day to the morning of the last day,
    • A rented motorcycle,
    • The GPS device with the trip's complete track and handlebar support, the user's manual and a phone briefing for its proper use.
Not included
  • Transportation :
         o To and from tour start,
         o Vehicle transportation to and from tour start,  
    Fuel for the motorcycle.
    Lunch, dinners and beverages
  • Motorcycles provided
    Light trail motorcycles (from 250cc to 660cc). You will not need the latest craze in off-road bikes to enjoy this itinerary.

    This circuit is also perfect for a 125cc motorbike or to enjoy at the wheel of a four-wheel-drive vehicle such as a Suzuki Jimny. Other bigger models are also available.

    To know precisely the available makes and models, please refer to our online booking form.
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