Morocco - The red Rekkam

Mixed tracks - Guided

9 days / 8 nights / 9 stages / 2 400 km

Morocco - Mixed tracks

Last updated: 11/12/2021

price from 2220 €
passenger price 1490 €

This trip offers an unrivaled variety of landscapes. A true carnival of colors and emotions to take in at a steady pace, while contemplating your surroundings.
To the North, the rolling mountainous region of the Riff, peaking at 2 548 m. The Mediterranean Sea nibbles away at the massif which plunges abruptly into its waves. But the altitude begins to drop as we drive down sunny slopes and hills enjoying the view of olive and fig trees all the way to Fez, the cultural capital.
Further south, the space is occupied by the Middle Atlas (3190 m) with its harsh climate, where ancient cedars adorn the abrupt slopes and high plateaus. The Middle Atlas leans against its grandfather, the mighty Grand Atlas (4167 m), where the sharpest peaks cut the country in half.
The valleys in the south open onto the desert and the Saharan regions, where the Anti-Atlas stands with its volcanic landscape and the eroded relief and basalt rocks are silent witnesses of its phenomenal age...

Your day by day program
Day 1 / Stage 1 - Melilla - Guercif: 160 km

Small, jaunty and flowery roads soar up into the relief, soon overlooking the Mohamed V Dam before zooming resolutely towards the town of Guercif, where you can enjoy a well-deserved breakfast.
Between the sharp peaks, some of which reach as high as 3000 m or more (Jbel Bou Naceur 3340 m), snaking under the age-old cedars, a magnificent route is filled with invigorating air.

Day 2 / Stage 2 - Guercif - Midelt: 400 km

Throughout this first stage, the itinerary cuts across the Rekkam plateau taking, now and then, some straight stretches of the mythical Paris-Dakar race. Soon, you will reach Missour. From this point on, the decor changes and you will find yourself in the midst of rocky surroundings interspersed with deep gorges. A tiny track seems to flutter above a colorful steppe. The last stretch will take you through a narrow canyon bathed in amaranth hues!

Day 3 / Stage 3 - Midelt - Erfoud: 300 km

After Rich and as you leave the Ziz gorges, the asphalt comes to an end right in front of the Amellago post office. The walls of the oued seem to cave in as the track becomes even narrower but then, the mountains give way to the desert and you will see afar, the luxuriant palm grove of Goulmima. Our track spans a multitude of watering channels that create an amazing labyrinth and will take you on tiny dirt streets through a city that seems lost in the depths of time.
You have reached Tafilalet! Then, the itinerary seems to wiggle through the sand as it takes you to Erfoud! A series of palm groves lines the oued. Other surprises also await the traveler: a “stairway to heaven”, a giant “golden spiral” that plunges into the earth and leads to an underground river…

Day 4 / Stage 4 - Erfoud - N’kob: 320 km

The air is perfectly clear as we enjoy the dunes of the Erg Chebbi massif and their coral hues that emerge against the black rocks blanketing the plateau. Our itinerary will then take you on a smooth rider-friendly track, where you might come across the local fennec or jerboa. You will reach the dry seemingly infinite lake of Maïder and its ever present companions, the Simoun or Sirocco winds.

Day 5 / Stage 5 - N’kob - Skoura: 170 km

As you leave N’Kob behind, you will drive through a small remote canyon, planted with apricot and almond trees. Then, skirting volcanic peaks and ancient lava flows, a tiny windy track takes you to the very heart of the Djebel Sahrho mountain range. A collection of beautiful oasis watered by the Dadès oued. You have reached the Valley of Roses.

Day 6 / Stage 6 - Skoura – Bin El Ouidane: 350 km

Assermo guards the imaginary gates into a narrow pass embedded in the red rocks that seems to slash through the High-Atlas range, like a sword. Under the guidance of a flock of storks, you will take this track and enjoy the ride as you whirl around the summits until you reach the valley of Toufrine and its century old walnut trees, the meeting point of two very powerful oueds.

Day 7 / Stage 7 - Bin El Ouidane - Fès: 460 km

Streams of clear water rush out of the mountains and flow towards the valley. Our itinerary today will allow you to drive through a forest of cedar trees and on a blanket of pine needles and green grass covering the luscious plateaus. Volcanic lakes such as the Aguelmane Azigza, the Dayet Ifrah among others offer the perfect conditions for cattle farming. Sheep, goats, cows and horses graze here and there. A perfectly clear mountain river that zigzags across the pasture land is rich with crayfish. You are at an altitude of 2 000 to 2 400 m. You might see a family of macaque monkey, a species that long ago chose this harsh climate to establish their home.
North of the surprising little village of Ifrane, your track will take you through the Valley of Rocks. Then as you drive through the Kandar massif and its forest of green oak trees, you will begin to feel the temperatures rise as you enter the region of Fes and its olive and fig tree plantations.

Day 8 / Stage 8 - Fès - Chefchaouen: 250 km

The light is almost surreal as the track gently winds along wheat fields and through fig and olive trees. The Al Wahda dam collects the turquoise waters of the Béni Zeroual river. The track then starts to climb overlooking the most spectacular views and continues plowing through the red earth, skirting the peaks. The surroundings are spell-binding! In spring, poppies, wild geraniums and a thousand other species of flowers blanket the sides of the road. And then, after a last curve, the “blue” village of Chefchaouen makes its appearance, with its tiny almost hidden streets, as if by magic. The time has come to take a moment to enjoy the multicolored boutiques and the unique Moroccan atmosphere!

Day 9 / Stage 9 - Chefchaouen – Tangier: 120 km

This is the last stage of this breathtaking trip but the stunning views and surprising surroundings continue to delight the traveler. Although today’s tracks are well known to the locals, they are unique and or simply nonexistent on a regular map. Once again, Trail Rando would like to thank the local inhabitants for their generosity and patience when guiding us through their land on our scouting trips.
In Asilah, you will enjoy a meal of freshly caught fish! The last resting point before heading for Tangier and back to your home country!


Departures for groups formed on request

Technical information
Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Melilla (Spanish territory on Moroccan soil)
  • Tangier
Level of difficulty
  • Who can take part?
    Mostly smooth trails and a selection of picturesque roads make this African escape most suited to adventure sport motorcycles.
    Aside from that, the total distance verges on 2500 kilometres so a comfortable bike is a must.
    TWO UP? It could of course be considered, provided both rider and passenger are in good physical shape and have the adequate two-up off-road experience.
Guide and luggage
  • A TrailRando guide will supervise the team on board their own vehicle.
    At the same time, logistical support on four wheels will transport your luggage between stages every day. They will travel by road with regular meeting points along the route.
    They can also pick up a rider and vehicle in the event of breakdown or exhaustion. The team also have a basic first aid kit, tools, some spare parts and are able to lend a hand if required.
    There's a definite feeling of freedom about this trip. And to preserve the spirit of exploration and discovery that we wanted to create, we've put you in control.
    For this reason, and so that everyone truly plays a part in their own journey, we provide a GPS device for the entire trip.
    This technology allows you to ride with total independence.
    With the wonderful tool that is GPS, everyone has the freedom to go on ahead, to be carried along by their artistic inspirations, or to stay with their friends, knowing that as a general rule the TrailRando motorcycle guide will be looking out for the team at the rear.
    Each time a track forks, there is the option to go by road instead, generally a local route or byway; this allows everyone to travel as they wish, depending on how they feel or on the weather conditions…
    What a pleasure it is to follow your own course!
    “Free people in a structured group” is the motto that accurately reflects the reality of a TrailRando trip.
    The route is safely stored stage by stage on the GPS...
    At the start of the trip, TrailRando provides everyone with a GARMIN GPS with a handlebar bracket. The entire route and its main points such as sites of interest, petrol stations, lunch meeting points and accommodation are programmed into the GPS.
    The equipment is simple and user-friendly.
    The Trail Rando representative will be there to show you how to use it or just to assist you.
  • Single room supplement : 210€
  • GPS rental : 60€
Rental vehicles
  • Yamaha WR250R : 1430.00€
  • Yamaha XT660R : 1560.00€
  • Yamaha XT1200Z : 1830.00€
  • • Lodging
         o hotels, in twin rooms,
         o from the evening of the first stage, to the morning of the last stage
    • Food :
         o Breakfast, dinner
         o from the morning of the first stage to midday of the last stage,
    The GPS device with the trip's complete track,
    Tourleaders :
         o Tour leader on his motorcycle,
         o Support vehicle for luggage transport
Not included
  • Transportation :
         o To and from tour start,
         o Vehicle transportation to and from tour start,
         o Transfers from airports to hotels and back
    Lunches and beverages
  • With which motorcycle ?
    Ideally any 600 to 1200 cm3 trail motorcycle is suitable for this tour.
    What kind of tires ?
    Mixed tires with knobbies
    Rental bikes
    If you don't own the adequate motorcycle, we can rent you one. We will surely find something suitable.
    To know precisely the available makes and models, please refer to our online booking form.
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